Hearts, Stars, Sun, and Wind

When i was looking through facebook and twitter, i found that my precious friends are actually struggling with so many things there in Indonesia. Their undergraduate theses, their organization problem, their classes and so many other things.

Recently i was always the one who goes crying to them, saying that i miss them so much and it is hard to be on my own, in a land that is not so familiar to me, with a very limited language abilitu and so faraway from them.
I wasnt seeing the big picture that despite their ENORMOUS effort on encouraging me to be brave and to not give up, they also have their own problems.
In my attempt to support them, i wrote a poem and i share it to them…
i wrote this part:

“Ku kirim seribu hati dari seberang samudera, biar hangatnya memeluk kalian tanpa henti.

i sent a thousand hearts from across the ocean, let their warmth hugs you all always

Ku kirim seribu bintang dari tempat ini, biar cahayanya melindungi kalian.

i sent a thousand stars from my place, let their lights protect you

Lalu saat kita jauh, saat kita lelah, biarkan hati dan bintang mengingatkan apa yang telah kita lalui bersama.

then, in times when we’re apart, when we’re tired,

let the hearts and the stars remind us of what we’ve been through together

dan semoga kenangan itu mengangkat kalian, membuat kalian bertahan, mendorong kalian maju.

and i wish, only wish those memories will lift you up, let you hold your ground, encourage you to step forward.”

and soon after, to MY SURPRISE, one of them replied and wrote like this:

“Aku kirim matahari, supaya dapat memberikanmu senyuman seperti kenangan-kenangan yang pernah kita lakukan bersama,

i sent you the sun, so it will give you smiles just like the memories of us makes you smile..

menyinarimu, dan menemanimu di kala kamu beraktivitas dengan hari-harimu.

so it will shine upon you, be with you through your days..

Dan ketika matahari yang ku kirim terbenam pada waktunya, jangan khawatir,

and when it’s time for the sun to set down, dont you worry…

keesokan harinya matahari itu pasti kembali lagi dan menemanimu,

tomorrow it will be back, and once again goes with you

lagi dan lagi,

and it will goes again, and again, and again

sampai kita bertemu lagi.

untill it’s time to for us to see each other again.”

and the other one replied this way:

“Dan aku tiup angin yang membawa doa untuk kita masing-masing,

“And I will blow the wind, the wind that bring prayers for us,

meski tak terlihat,

eventough it is unseen

ku berharap hembusan kesegarannya selalu terasa,

i wish you will feel it

Dikala ceria….

when you are happy and blissful

ataupun penat

or when it is hard and tiring…

see…? This is sooo their style. They replied to me and supported me with their simple words, when actually i was the one who wanted to support them. With these girls, i know i will be allright. It really, really doesnt matter even when we are miles and miles and miles apart. I never felt that they are away. It’s like they are here with me, and i, for a tenth thousand times, i feel i am the luckiest person alive, because i have them and nothing gonna change that for like forever.

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