Forever This Way

It’s been November again and I really could not help but wonder why did time fly so fast when I actually expected that it will go so slow. Thinking that I will be so far from everyone I love somehow makes me feel one year is going to be a so very long time to get through.

Turns out it goes faster than I expected.
Maybe it is because there are way too much things to do everyday, maybe it is because I have too much tests than I ever had in my life, maybe it is because I have to memorize kanji like everyday, maybe it is because I have to cook and do all the washings and house cores on my own, maybe because there is too many books to read, or maybe it is simply because everything is much much more exciting and happy and fun, more than I ever thought it would be. 🙂
Few days ago my mum had lunch with my besties (yes, don’t ask me how, they just suddenly appeared on skype video call and thanks to them, I cry and cry and cry all over again. :D)
by the way, Skype is so rock and God blesses anyone who works so hard behind that program. Considering international phone calls here is like literally robbing your wallet, Skype is more than just kind hearted! 😀 😀
I talked with Loince, Bombina, Rinane, Dee, and Dhani.. and I was so……… happy. it makes me feel warm in a second and I was really really really happy. We talked and joking around and told stories and everything.

I was happy. Looking at Aloince also reminded me that soon she will not be in Jakarta anymore. Reminded me that when I came home, she might have not been there anymore. Yet, I thought that no matter how sad I am, things won’t change. Her father probably won’t cancel his mutation and I know deep down inside Loince is thrilled to live in a different country, try new things and enjoy Finland.

And I always want her to be happy, no matter where she goes, what she does, who she lives with, wherever in the world. So i am not helping her by feeling sad all the time, so instead I think it’s better to spend my time better in thinking how could we stay in touch than feeling sad all the time.

Today, through the video call I really discover that even tough we are so far from each other, true friendship will still be there. There, in th

e precious space in your heart. There, safely placed and out of touch from time and distance. And that the farther we are from each other, should it is really a true friendship, the stronger the bond will be.

Sure, I am worried. and sure, sometimes things are different when people are really beside you, pat you on the back and make you laugh all the time, but I want to believe that these people God met me up with are among those ones in a

million, who happened to be, my true best friends.

and to you all, my dear loves. We will grow up and certain things will change. But our hearts, our friedship will forever stay this way, and when we grow old, we will smile upon looking back to million things we did together, and keep it as a precious treasure forever. 🙂

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