Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Dear folks…

guess where I am right now! …………………. Correct!!
I’m in Osaka, which is freakin cold ad winter and freakin uh-may-zing and I am happy!!! So i’m spending my first ever winter holiday with my friends at Osaka and Kyoto. Just dont ask for the updates right now, I’ll do it by the time I’m home. ;P
This could be my last post of this year, since I dont know when I will be able to write again here. I just want to wish you all a merry little christmas.. 🙂
and I hope God’s joy stay with you all, and He is reborn once agin in your hearts and that you all have a warm and sweet Christmas, with loved ones around you.
One thing I could say right now, this year my Christmas is full of emotion. I’m not quite sure how to name all those emotion but i know for sure that this year it is different. Dad is gone and I’m not home and Thank God my stubborn brother made it to came home and celebrate Christmas together.
I cant write long right now but i will fill you all with details later, okay?
enjoy your Christmas and see you soon!

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